Biography of the musicians

Mirko Maio – Piano
Mirko Maio is a pianist of Italian origin, born in Switzerland in 1995. He started playing the piano at the age of 10, first taking private lessons in Echallens, where he grew up. He studied classical music and, a few years later, began studying jazz, deciding to continue these courses at the Ejma (Lausanne), where he had the opportunity to play, among other things, in one of Charles Schneider’s workshops. Following his entrance exam to enter pre-professional class at the Ejma, he was offered the opportunity to take the exam to take the HEMU Jazz (Haute école de musique, Lausanne). It is then that he begins his Bachelor’s degree in 2013-2014. During his studies, he will have the opportunity to study with teachers such as Emil Spanyi, Bänz Oester or Dado Moroni who will be a great source of learning for him. He will also meet musicians with whom he will form various groups, such as his trio “OddWoods”, of which he is leader and composer, or his piano/drums duo, for which he composes and arranges pieces. He has also been a keyboard player for 2 years in the group of guitarist Max Harvey.

Mirko Maio has already performed several times at Montreux Jazz on the Musik In The Park stage, at Chorus or at Jazz Onze+ with the “Old Europe” project led by Bänz Oester. Currently, he continues his life as a musician as the leader of his brand new project “ESTAMPES”, where he defends “impressionist” music (late 19th/early 20th century) through his jazz culture from a modal point of view and by also drawing his inspiration from sounds coming from Asian folklore.

Arthur Tanguy – Flute
Arthur begins his musical studies in 2006 in Couëron (FR), through the drums. Led by the influence of his guitarist brother, he quickly turned to improvised music by joining the local jazz ensemble headed by guitarist Didier Dayot, where he kept working on his instrument by himself. In 2010, Arthur changed his stance thanks to few flutists friends, especially Ewan Dayot. At this moment, Arthur took irregular lessons from various flutists based in Nantes (FR) simultaneously with his general scholarship, until joining in 2012 the jazz class of J.-M. Bellec in the conservatory of Nantes. The desire to explore the flute and improvised music led Arthur into taking lessons from Mathieu Schneider since 2015, within the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne, as well as following classes with Jean-François Baud, Robert Bonisolo, Emil Spànyi… Upon a joint initiative with vibraphonist Théo Diblanc, the band Sugar Swing emerged aside the Leman lake, fed on a common passion for the jazz standards, along with the desire to share it in the street with everyday-walkers. The emulation caused by meetings with new people has also been favorable for experiments and composition, particularly around the flute-oboe-clarinet axis. The Forgotten Woods trio section was born thereby in 2017, followed by the sextet extension with double-bass-piano-drums. Since 2018, Arthur is working on a quintet project based on personal compositions, with alto saxophone and vibes.

Alexis Bazelaire – English Horn
Originally from Champagne Ardenne, Alexis Bazelaire first studied classical oboe at the Reims Conservatory, before becoming passionate about jazz and improvised music. Then he joined Manu Pekar’s jazz class and joined the HEMU Jazz in Lausanne in September 2015. He has since played in various ensembles, demonstrating that the oboe and English horn also have their place in a context other than classical music.

Paul Marsigny – Clarinet
Paul Marsigny is a composer and clarinetist born in 1994. He grew up at the foot of the Haute-Savoie mountains and was first and foremost interested in joining a scientific institution. After having done his homework in the preparatory mathematics class and then in the IUT, he chose to devote himself entirely to music. He has been playing the clarinet since the age of 7 and spent his teenage years discovering early 20th century jazz to the sounds of Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Louis Armstrong… He will make his debut at the Annecy Conservatory in Jazz class from 2012 to 2016, under the wing of saxophonist Richard Foy. It was there that he played in his first groups and opened up to many musical trends such as the Jazz Fusion of the end of the last century. A style to which he attaches great importance, notably through a Mahavishnu Orchestra cover project entitled Have You Met Mr John? He joined the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne in 2016 after obtaining his DEM in Jazz in order to perfect his instrumental technique and is still studying there today with saxophonist Robert Bonisolo. During his studies, he worked with François Janneau, Matthieu Michel, Jean-François Baud, Emil Spanyi. He was also brought, with his sextet, to work with Daniel Humair during a workshop.

Kevin Sommer – Bass Clarinet
Kevin Sommer, born in 1991 in Aarau, belongs to a young generation of musicians who plays clarinet and bass clarinet as the main instruments in jazz and improvised music. He studied jazz improvisation and music pedagogy at the university of music in Lausanne and Bern. He is active on the Swiss music scene with various projects such as “Sommerwolf” and “Mirandas Orbit”.

Charles Schneider – Saxophones.
In addition to his own groups, he has participated in many European adventures with musicians such as Michel Portal, Marc Ducret, Michel Benita, Benoît Delbecq, Albert Mangelsdorf, Daniel Humair as well as a member of prestigious major orchestras such as the Orchestre National de Jazz de France, Martial Solal Dodecaband, Gil Evans-Bigband Lumière. In Switzerland, he has participated in many of Léon Francioli’s creations. “One of the few Swiss musicians to have established himself in the French jazz scene. He knows how to accommodate in his very personal game emotion and experimentation. Swiss Music Info

Basile Rosselet – Tenor Saxophone
Basile Rosselet was born in Geneva on 25 June 1989. In 2004, he started studying tenor saxophone in Geneva with Nicolas Masson and continued his career between 2008 and 2010 at the EJMA in Lausanne with Stefano Saccon. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in jazz at the HEMU of Lausanne in 2013 where he studied saxophone with Robert Bonisolo. Then, he obtained a master’s degree in composition at HEMU in 2015 with Emil Spanyi and Mathieu Michel and a master’s degree in pedagogy in 2018 at the Jazz Campus in Basel with Mark Turner, Domenic Landolf and Andy Scherrer. In 2015, he signed for the first time as a leader and composer an album entitled Vowels on the German label QFTF with the 3×3 project, a nonet, which includes three wind instruments, a string trio and a rhythmic section. In 2016, he took part in a tour in Scotland with EuroRadio Jazz Orchestra conducted by Tommy Smith, an ephemeral orchestra that includes annually one musician from each European country. In 2018, following the victory in a composition competition, Maria Schneider directed “Ketupa”, a piece for large ensemble written for the occasion by Basile Rosselet at International Jazz Festival Frauenfeld. In the same year, his quartet Œstetik wins the JazzContreBand springboard award. Basile Rosselet has already had the opportunity to perform in the most famous jazz venues and festivals in Switzerland, including four times at the Montreux Jazz festival and will perform, equipped with its latest compositions, at the internationally renowned Jazz Festival in Vienna.

Matyas Szandai – Double Bass
Matyas Szandai is graduated in the classical department of Ferenc Liszt Acadamy of Music of Budapest. He had the opportunity to play and record with famous musicians such as Archie Shepp, David Murray, Herbie Mann, Chico Freeman, Rosario Giuliani, Charlie Mariano, Hamid Drake, William Parker, Rob Brown, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Gerard Presencer, Robin Eubanks, Chris Potter, Flavio Boltro, John Ellis, Zbigniew Namislowski, Daniel Szabo, Mihaly Dresch, Kalman Olah etc. He has toured America, India and played in almost every country in Europe.

Fabien Ghirotto – Drums
Fabien started playing drums and classical percussions at the age of 8. In addition to his scientific studies, he obtained a DEM Musiques Actuelles in 2016 at the Annecy Conservatory. There he met many musicians and was passionate about jazz.
It was at this time that he chose to devote himself entirely to music. His admiration for the diversity of contemporary jazz (Robert Glasper, David Binney, Brian Blade,…) and his desire to understand the tradition of this music led him to pursue his studies at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne since 2016.
He is now a member of various modern jazz composition groups: Juliaaa Trio and Paul Marsigny Sextet.