ESTAMPES is an ensemble of 9 musicians who perform original pieces influenced by classical music known as “impressionist” (late 19th/early 20th century), by Jazz from a modal point of view and sounds from Asian folklore. The music is guided by the magic of the “impressions” left by Claude Debussy and by the beauty of Maurice Ravel’s music. The pieces are also inspired by images such as Japanese prints or Hayao Miyazaki’s animated films, which connect this music to imaginary worlds and thus allow dreamlike landscapes to shine through. 

The music is written by pianist and composer Mirko Maio. The aesthetics he defends highlight the evocative power of music from an imaginative point of view, playing with the “impressions” that instrumental music can generate. 

The instruments:

-Cross slide
-Clarinet (Bb)
-English horn
-Bass clarinet (Bb)  
-Saxophone soprano
-Tenor saxophone
Battery – Battery
-Double bass

It is an atypical formation that allows the creation of hybrid and timeless universes.